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Intellimin is a rapidly deployed, cloud-based insurtech platform. Our health and life policy administration platform gets your digital insurance business up and running in record time and super-charges its growth. Creating a seamless experience for you and your customers.
Intellimin is designed to save you time and money by providing automated policy application and underwriting, policy administration, billing and claims.
Intellimin has been created to meet the dynamic nature of the insurance industry. The system can quickly adapt to new products and distribution channels as they arise.


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Platform Features

Our modules make up the highly configurable nature of Intellimin, improving the overall experience for the customer. Our platform provides a digital, innovative and automated solution for all of your daily operations. The modules are flexible and customisable to support your existing business processes, direction and future growth.

Sales and Policy Issue

Cloud-based application with straight-through processing incorporating quoting, policy application, automated underwriting assessment, policy issue and documentation.


Customers can control how and when they interact. Policy documentation and communication are entirely convenient and downloadable. There is also the ability to make policy changes, update contact details, change payment details and lodge claims and requests, all in one place.

Policy Administration

The platform allows effective management of group and individual businesses, including inherent compliance, policy administration, and renewal functions, creating a centralised view for the customer.

Product Management

Bring new products to market quickly through the configuration of the platform regarding underwriting, benefits, and premium pricing rules.

The product management module supports the creation and maintenance of products. Products can be created with a variety of configurable rules that are then used to determine underwriting outcomes, calculate levels of cover for existing conditions, calculate premiums and commissions and determine claim adjudication outcomes.

Automated Underwriting

Enables policies to be issued and policy changes to be made in real-time with full underwriting applied. Underwriting rules and outcomes are defined in a graphical form for easy understanding. The system is then configured to ensure the rules are accurately applied at onboarding and for ongoing policy administration.

Communication Management

Centralises the generation, printing, viewing and electronic transmission of all customer communications.

The communications management module provides an efficient process for the production of all customer outputs. Full history of communications exchanged are available.

Group Administration

Management of group business including billing, premium discounts, renewal terms and tailored products that are applicable to policies within a group is available.

Billing and Accounts Receivable

Automation of premium billing, payment processing, and receipting functions to support variable billing terms, frequencies and payment options.

Accounts Payable

Manage the automated generation of scheduling, payments and communication relating to the claims, benefits and commission.

The accounts payable module provides functionality to pay claims to policy owners, providers, and facilities for life and health insurance products and pay commission to sales agents.


Real-time events and accurate renewal calculations, payment-based commission calculation, automated clawbacks, commission splits, stepped renewal rates over time, scheduled payments.


Fully automated adjudication of prior approval & claims and workflow management. Cover life claims, health prior approvals and claims for non-medical, medical and surgical.

This module provides an option of manual assessment or overrides of any claim. This is controlled through user security and can be restricted to users with designated authority to approve claims. Claims can be paid to multiple beneficiaries.

Workflow and Activity Management

Centralised activity tracking and workflow management to support the management of claims, policies, groups, providers and salespeople.

User Security

Maintenance of users and roles. The user security management module provides functionality to maintain application roles and users.

General Ledger Interface

Generation of general ledger journals for integration to third-party general ledger systems including premium, billing, claims and benefits, commission, loans, payment and payment reversal transactions.


Provision of standard and customised operational reporting and integration to reporting tools, enabling the insurer to analyse their data.

Integrations and API's

Support of interfaces to external or third parties to meet the client requirements. API’s available for third party integration, that support quoting, policy application and on-going self-service processes. Providing easy access to external applications, such as Phone Apps, to exercise key business processes, with business rules and process integrity securely managed within the core system.

Mobile and Website

Modern responsive API-driven design supports website sales and self-service on mobile and other devices.

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What our clients have to say

“Intellimin has been a valuable partner in our transformation journey; developing our core system, BLIS, providing excellent after sales service, and supporting new initiatives like our customer self-service portal. These solutions have given us the agility we need to deliver quality customer experiences that meet our high standards, now and into the future.”

- Michael Nacola, Managing Director, BSP Life (Fiji) Limited

“As a new business we wanted to ensure that BSP Life PNG had a proper policy management system in place. Collaborating with Intellimin has allowed us to streamline processes and provide an efficient automated approach to policy management. We’ve been able to serve our customers very quickly, if we receive a call, we are able to identify our customer and have an answer for them within minutes, without the need to pull out a file, everything we need is right within the system.”

- Nilson Singh, Country Manager, BSP Life PNG Limited