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Seamless transition from an idea to market

Bring life and health insurance products to market quickly with rapid deployment and expert advice.

Accelerate your business with our intelligent, production-ready platform.
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Insights from Futurewise case study

Futurewise, a financial services provider based in South Africa, engaged with us, to help design and launch an industry leading insurance product that funds the education of future generations in South Africa.

By engaging early, we were able to identify issues early, highlight key opportunities, and optimize operations. 

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Reasons why Intellimin is the platform for your business

Maximise Sales

Bring in our industry experts early to accelerate your product life-cycle, getting you to market quicker.

Our experts provide a fully managed service, highlighting issues and opportunities early to generate quicker timeframes on our production-ready platform so you can get ahead of the competition.

Elevated Customer Experience

Create exceptional experiences for your customers with seamless, personalized journeys and intuitive self-serve solutions by leveraging Intellimin’s customizable platform to match your unique underwriting, benefits, and premium pricing policies.

Intelligent Administration

Built with modern automation, our platform streamlines all customer touchpoints and internal processes.

Drive efficiency, reduce risk, and free-up resources when you design your next product with Intellimin.

Support and Future Growth

With our team onboard you will save time and resources, minimizing the number of specialists required by maximizing the use of our configurable and fully automated system.

Our ongoing support, will allow you to focus on growth and development - bringing new products to market and selling more policies.

Learn how we can get you to market quicker by engaging early. Check out 7 step process. 

Engage Early process

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