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The implementation process is built between the tight collaboration between Intellimin and you.

This approach means you can become familiar with the software, skills required and the process from the beginning. Each phase has been carefully thought out, so business objectives can be met. Our vision is to teach you how to use our cloud platform with confidence, so it can be designed in its entirety to suit your insurance business to create an integrated customer experience.

Scoping & Planning

The scoping phase is where we understand your business needs and map out how we can achieve what you are looking for. We’ll talk through our involvement and process so you can get an understanding of the role we play in ensuring your project is successful.

We understand everyone’s needs for the system will be different, hence, we’ll run a workshop with you and define the business processes and modules required to suit your product offerings. 

At the end of the scoping and planning phase,  you’ll have the reassurance you need in knowing that the implementation of this system will be supported by our expert team, here to guide you through the entire process.



Through decades of experience, we have become familiar with the common risks and rules involved in implementing a new system.  Our system is highly configurable for any risk insurance product and business.

We emphasise the importance of defining the requirements from an end-to-end business process perspective.  This is crucial in insurance as there are many steps to support during the customer's policy life cycle.  We will also use our experience to provide feedback and solutions to ensure efficient and streamlined processes. 


Data Conversion

We have established a proven and trusted data conversion process through our experience in successful insurance conversions with both health and traditional life products.

The conversion process includes our technical team transferring the full history of products, payments, claims and policies across your entire business and moving it to your new Intellimin system. 

If you are moving a legacy system to the Intellimin platform, our proven process will assure you of the integrity of your data and the completeness of the migration process to support your ongoing business processing.


System Setup

The Intellimin system is designed to meet your business requirements, including integrating into third-party systems. The nature of the Intellimin platform is that it is highly configurable and our team will take care of this initial setup for you, so you can spend time working on the future growth within your business. 


Project Testing

Our technical team is experts in ensuring that the system will work efficiently for your business and your customers. We have covered all aspects of insurance processes and functionality through our hands-on experience in implementing the Intellimin system in companies across the globe, including extensive testing and data security. 

The testing phase includes testing against scenarios and the end to end business process testing across different policies based on business requirements. 

This will also include third party integration testing and browser testing to ensure the customer experience is working the way you want it to. 


Deployment & Ongoing Support


Our rapid deployment phase is achieved through detailed planning and implementing robust processes that will minimise risk for your business.

Our team implements the whole Intellimin system for you, however, we offer full training and support to your business once the system is in place.

That way, you can understand the potential of the platform and how you can use it to the best ability of your business. The configurable nature of our platform means any new requirement and updates can be easily integrated.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to keep the system running smoothly, including support releases and technical upgrades. Our team is available for consultation and support wherever and whenever you need.


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