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19 October, 2022

Reconnecting with our clients in South Africa.

Our CEO Julie, and CTO Leo, recently had the privilege of traveling to South Africa to visit and reconnect with some of our key clients.

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12 September, 2022

Our feature story in the Insurance CIO Outlook magazine.

Top Digital Insurance Software Solutions Provider in APAC 2022

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31 August, 2022

Insurance Policy Admin System - The modern digital solution.

Insurance businesses are demanding modern technology that integrates seamlessly and implements efficiently with minimal disruption.

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30 July, 2022 | Article

The importance of having a secure platform to avoid cyber attacks

The rise in cybercrime is prevalent in the insurance industry with it ranking as the top threat for insurers globally in 2021.

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22 June, 2022 | Article

Partnering with world class businesses and tools.

The backbone to delivering our insurtech policy administration system is by partnering with high performance technology leaders, Oracle and DXC Technology.

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19 April, 2022

Why now is a great time to meet today’s insurance needs.

The recent years have brought an array of challenges for insurance businesses, such as new regulatory mandates and a global pandemic which requires attention and change. Our cloud based technology allows businesses to meet these challenges by helping transform their processes and application of data to exceed customer expectations.

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24 March, 2022 | Article

Our strong and reliable partnership with OneNet

We're passionate about building strong relationships with our partners so that, together, we can continue to deliver innovative IT solutions to the insurance industry.

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15 February, 2022 | Article

How automated underwriting is revolutionising the insurance industry

Automation is revolutionising the insurance industry. One of the key features of this process is ‘automated underwriting’ which is designed to help insurance companies streamline operations, manage business risk, reduce costs and provide a competitive edge in an increasingly populated insurance market.

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18 November, 2021 | Article

Importance of innovation for both large insurers and startups

Insurtech is changing the world of insurance, from finding new ways of doing business, improving distribution and getting products to market faster. This is inevitably the future for traditional insurers, but also for many start up insurance businesses.

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