Intellimin's Groundbreaking Advisor Portal.

A game changer for the industry.

A game changer for the industry.
A game changer for the industry.

Intellimin has established a new industry benchmark by introducing a cutting-edge advisor portal. Showcasing Intellimin's commitment to advancing digital transformation in the sector.

The advisor portal represents a leap forward, delivering substantial advantages to advisors. 

This groundbreaking platform is engineered to revolutionise the advisor distribution channel, replacing previously time consuming and manual processes with swift and efficient operations.

The Intellimin platform offers a fully automated solution to its customers and the advisor portal is no exception.

The addition of the advisor portal consolidates everything in one place, delivering the transparency that today's insurers require.


Intellimin's expertise, industry knowledge and innovation has played a pivotal role in transforming the advisor portal from a concept to a reality. Our core mission is to digitise and streamline the sales process for complex life insurance products, ensuring policies align with each client's unique needs and preferences. Allowing our clients to continue to grow, reach new markets and launch new products.  

The advisor portal empowers advisors to manage higher volumes, work more efficiently and deal with the complexities of the products they offer. Its features include instant initial quotes, automated underwriting, and efficient data collection. Clients can review, authorise and receive policies promptly, supported by communication options. This integrated portal streamlines the application journey for a user-friendly and efficient experience, ultimately enhancing policy administration.

We are proud to have launched this new solution with a tier 1 bank. Intellimin were able to help them migrate off a legacy product, allowing them to extend their offering, and empower their sales team, taking advantage of this new feature. 

The advisor portal sits inside the Intellimin platform which does the heavy lifting for you, offering you low-touch administration, straight-through processing and automation. 

Intellimin has been created to meet the dynamic nature of the insurance industry. The system can quickly adapt to new products and distribution channels as they arise.


The advisor portal is a breakthrough in the insurance world, allowing businesses to continue to grow, launch new products and meet the evolving market demand. Intellimin is setting a new standard by focusing on what clients need and designing a platform that accelerates the advisors and the customers they serve.


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