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Intellimin is excited to share the story behind their company refresh as part of their global strategy.

Since 2007, we have always focused on delivering innovative solutions to our clients through our Intellimin policy and administration platform. Intellimin is a cloud-based platform that is customer-centric and supports automated end-to-end processing, with a focus on creating a memorable experience for the customer. 

This year, we decided it was time our branding and communications were more reflective of today’s evolving and modern world, with a stronger emphasis on the Intellimin story that we have been shaping for decades. We engaged with our long term partners, PS/digital and their expertise to reposition our marketing efforts and transform the website and branding to give Intellimin a new life online.

The logo was the starting point, with an updated fresh and modern colour palette. The new logo is a sophisticated representation of ‘the person’ and ‘the arrow’, with the arrow pointing upwards to create stronger direction, purpose and positivity. The circle represents protection and security, two key elements of insurance, while also championing the ‘person’ that represents Intellimin’s customers; the core of who we are. 

As part of this process, we wanted our website to embrace our philosophy and vision in a way that was bold and inspiring. The website plays a key role in communicating the value Intellimin brings to a business as a fully managed service. We don’t just implement our cloud platform, we form a lifelong partnership with our clients to provide them with strategic vision to achieve everything they want. 

To reflect the tried-and-tested robust nature of the platform, the website had to be modern and slick, creating a seamless experience for the customer. We also wanted to highlight the expertise behind Intellimin, directors Julie Bedggood and Leo Francis, who are leaders in the insurance industry. Both Julie and Leo have experience and in-depth understanding in implementing and maintaining a successful insurtech administration platform. 

As we continue to grow and expand into new global markets, we want our company, our modern website and our brand to continue to reflect our people, our mission and the future of the global insurance industry. 





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