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Insurtech is changing the world of insurance, from finding new ways of doing business, improving distribution and getting products to market faster. This is inevitably the future for traditional insurers, but also for many start up insurance businesses.

Technology is reshaping the entire insurance industry. With Insurtech, companies can transform their entire way of doing day to day business. Industry players that have this advancement in technology will continue to gain market share.

Large insurers are likely to already have this on their radar, with a focus on adopting systems to revolutionise procedures such as claims and processing. They will be looking for Insurtech that goes beyond features and technology, but a system that solves their problems and sets them up for future growth. 

Startup insurance businesses and banks can also seize the opportunity to enter the insurance market with modern technology to underpin their market entry strategy. 

Our technology is innovative and offers solutions for all players in the insurance industry that are after a platform that digitises insurance products and processes. Intellimin is experienced in providing modern technology solutions to both existing businesses and startups in developed and developing countries, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Using extensive experience, Intellimin assists clients with the development of products suitable for digital consumption, that enables a valuable customer experience.  We design automated workflows to support business processes and improve operational efficiencies.

Intellimin works as an extension of your team to ensure a successful implementation of our platform, one that is robust and will continue to meet the needs of your customers in the modern world. 




See how Intellimin has worked with BSP Life Fiji and BSP Life PNG to help streamline their processes and create an overall better customer experience.

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