Reconnecting with our clients in South Africa.

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Our CEO Julie, and CTO Leo, recently had the privilege of traveling to South Africa to visit and reconnect with some of our key clients.

Due to the pandemic, there has been travel restrictions for over 3 years which meant that we've had to communicate and work virtually for extended periods of time. Efficient and modern technology allowed us to successfully continue to do business with our global clients during this period, however it was highly valuable to reconnect in person again and have in-depth discussions face to face. By being together in one room it meant that we could run workshops which helped us better understand our client’s needs so that we can continue to deliver the most desirable solutions.

During the two week trip, another highlight for Julie and Leo, who both love the outdoors, was witnessing the stunning Jacaranda trees bloom and watching the incredible African wild life roam around (see below).

Overall a very successful and productive work trip to South Africa.

See you again soon!






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