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Insurance businesses are demanding modern technology that integrates seamlessly and implements efficiently with minimal disruption.

The importance of having a modern policy administration system is more important than ever as the insurance industry faces challenges with regulation changes, complex administrative processes, disjointed workflows, security breaches and meeting policy holders' expectations. 

By implementing a fully secure insurance policy administration system, such as Intellimin, it helps significantly reduce IT and operational costs, saves underwriters time from manual processes by automating policy and rule changes, streamlines the introduction of new products and supports processes and communications based on the needs of your insurance business. Our robust system also helps improve the way insurance products are purchased and sold by simplifying and automating from the initial quote through to the policy being issued.

Not only is our highly flexible and adaptable platform beneficial to the running of your business and delivering a customer-friendly experience, but it is easy to navigate, intuitive to use and enables staff to focus on high-value work rather than administrative tasks.

Intellimin has successfully been meeting the insurance industry’s needs for over 15 years and as technology continues to change, we will evolve our technology to ensure we provide a world-class policy administration system.



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